Last Judgement – Michael Canon


– Novel kindly sent by the author –

Original title : Last Judgement
Author : Michael Canon
First published in : 2016
Genre : sci-fi
Edition : Page Publishing, Inc.
Pages : 88
Status : read from 07/22/16 to 07/25/16
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Synopsis : After losing his job at the Newsburge, Dylan Anderson hits rock bottom and is forced to forfeit his luxurious lifestyle in exchange for a more secluded life among campgrounds. Shortly afterwards, he also finds himself being kicked out of the reserve he is camping on by a park ranger. Feeling rejected and exhausted from life’s up and downs, he decides to swing by a local bar owned by his best friend where he accidentally bumps into the love of his life, Erica as well as his ex-co-workers. Before he is able to make sense of it all, he finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Dylan becomes unexpectedly swept away in an adventure so bizarre, it’s out of this world. Deeply moved by his sudden disappearance, his ex-co-workers become dedicated investigators to aphenomenon that spreads worldwide. Join the unique journey and unravel the mystery that is, Last Jugement. »

Review : First of all, thank you to Michael Canon for sending me a copy of his short story in exchange of an honest review. It was a pleasure to read you!
I have to say that I’m not an avid reader of science fiction, since I highly prefer fantasy or stories based on human characters, but this book raises some questions that I often ask to myself and I really appreciated that. When I understood it was about extraterrestrials and abductions, I honestly thought that it would be another story about the domination of another species on Earth. But I was wrong! The author succeeded in creating a plot which is very short but which gives us the will to learn more. Normally, I don’t read short stories because I prefer long novels, with lots of details, but I have to say that this short story attracted me and I could have read it in a shot if I had had time to do so. Nevertheless, I keep thinking that short stories don’t give as much details as a normal novel and I’m like ‘that’s all?’ Some actions are explained too quickly and I think it’s a real shame because this theme would have been interested for a longer story.
However, I really enjoyed my reading and the implied references to the author’s family with the names of the characters. I also liked the pictures which are included in the chapters, this is a very good way to give more details about the characters! Michael Canon did a really good job in his writing because he knows how to keep the readers in suspense and gives us the will to continue as soon as possible to read the sequel of this short story.
Finally, if I had to give a grade to the book, it would be a 3/5 because I really enjoyed my reading but for me, it was too short and it deserved to be completed sometimes. Apart from that, it is a really good book that you have to read!


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