Alien Busters, T.2 – Safa Shaqsy

327588441– Novel kindly sent by the author –

Original title : Alien Busters: The Glowing Rock
Author : Safa Shaqsy
First published in : 2016
Genre : sci-fi
Edition : PDF
Pages : 42
Status : read on 12/05/16


SynopsisNathalie and her friends, Kraig and Andie are in trouble. They’re called for interrogation by the evaluators in the Alien Busters institute. A mystery crime happened in a wheat field while they were off duty and Nathalie discovered something in the crime scene. Something that’ll change everything in the Arkad city. The citizens of the Arkad city are in danger of unknown predators. What Nathalie and her friends will do to solve this mystery?

ReviewFirst of all, thank you to Safa Shaqsy who sent me an e-copy of her novel in order to have a fresh eye on her story and an honest review.

As the title says, this is the second part of the series Alien Busters. I had the opportunity to be a beta-reader of the first part and it was a great privilege because this is a really good book. Safa Shaqsy trusted me to give her an honest review on the first part and to be a proofreader. Once again, she showed me her trust in sending me the second part of her series to have a fresh eye on her story. Honestly, it feels really good to find back Nathalie and Star! I love the new characters and how the story goes on. Safa Shaqsy knows how to deal with suspense, action and strong feelings. When I finish a chapter, I always need to read another one and finally, I’ve read the whole story in a sitting! I literally can’t wait to read the following chapters to know how all of this will end.I definitely recommend it to you!

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