Rest in Peace my Girl – Sunil Varma

33275292– Novel kindly sent by the author –

Original title : Rest in Peace my Girl
Author : Sunil Varma
First published in : 2016
Genre : thriller, suspense
Edition : PDF
Pages : 156
Status : read on 12/06/16


SynopsisIn Rest in Peace my Girl, the story begins with my mother warning to be mindful about an astrologer’s predictions of “a difficult year ahead”. The story starts in Bangalore and changes locations from Hong Kong to Beijing, from Bellur to Hyderabad and culminates in a heartbreakingly sad journey to Goa to identify the dead body of a girl, who was the love of my life. The story weaves the tangled and interrelated threads of seemingly unrelated events into a compelling fabric, which takes the shape of a gangster story.
It is a story that investigates the nature of good and bad and how society bifurcates them; oftentimes ignoring the situational context of the human character.
By nature, I am an attentive observer of people and my surroundings; and my handpicked collection pieces have become the building blocks of my book.
Just like a pregnant woman who nurtures the blossoming creature inside of her until giving birth to life, I too spend the last nine months of my life giving shape to this book. I found this journey instructive and insightful, as explaining ideas and thoughts to others, makes it necessary to have full clarity of the subject matter beforehand.

ReviewFirst of all, thank you to Sunil Varma for sending me an e-copy of his book.
I have to say that this novel surprised me and I couldn’t imagine where it would lead me. I guessed some things but I was wrong and this is what I like about this story. I don’t want to spoil you, so I won’t tell much about the details, but the author is really good at keeping suspense and pretending to give you answers to your questions when he is not giving anything at all. The end of the story is not what I expected but I prefer this to what I imagined. If I continue with good points, I have to say that I really like the fact that the story is not divided into chapters but into dates. This is a good way to tell the plot and it is easier to follow, even if it is a little bit confused sometimes. I guess this is for the suspense that there is a kind of confusion. As I said, I really enjoyed the end because it was moving and unexpected.
However, there are also points that I disliked. First of all, I don’t like how women are treated. I don’t know if it is a culture difference (Indian versus French culture) or if it is another point of view from mine, but I don’t like when men hit women or call them ‘bitch’. The main character has several relationships and says that he falls in love with all these women. I understand that he can love women but not in two or three days… Well, I am not really enjoying how women are represented in this novel, but this is my own point of view. Finally, I think that it is a little bit too descriptive and that it would be better if it had more actions. I encourage you to take a look at this novel because the plot is original!

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