Masquerading Our Love -Audrey Rich


– Novel kindly sent by the author –

Original title : Masquerading Our Love
Author : Audrey Rich
First published in : 2016
Genre : young adult sweet contemporary romance
Edition : PDF
Pages : 307
Status : read from 01/30/17 to 01/03/17
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Synopsis : Junior year has been tough on Thalía Reynari. A new high school, trying to fit in with new friends, schoolwork, family commitments. With everything going on in her life, Thalía could use a break, an adventure. So when Thalía meets Christopher, the most gorgeous guy in town, her life should change for the better, right? Don’t bet on it. Thalía’s conservative parents insist she’s too young to date. Plus, Thalía and Christopher find themselves caught in the middle of a simmering feud that’s kept the two families apart for a decade. And no one is sure if young love will be enough to bridge this divide. As they hide their relationship behind masks they must decide if this new love is worth losing their parents’ approval.

ReviewFirst of all, thank you to Audrey Rich for sending me an ecopy of her novel. It was a pleasure to discover your world!

Have you ever fell in love with a book from the very first page? I have with this novel. Seriously, I was already convinced that I would love this story thanks to the synopsis but it was even more the truth when I started the first chapter. I loved everything about it: the writing, the characters, the plot, absolutely everything!
But let’s be clearer… Talking about the writing, I love how Audrey Rich managed to deal with suspense and romance. The story and the characters are so cute, it warmed my heart! I couldn’t have enough of these beautiful words, I had to read more and more chapters, even if I didn’t have time to do so. But at the same time, there was suspense between the different chapters and it gave another dimension to the story. This is not a romance like others, there is this little more which makes the difference. I smiled, I laughed, I tried to guess what was going to happen and I cried when I discovered a detail that blew my mind away. And what a beautiful end! I won’t say much about it because I don’t want to spoil you, but I couldn’t imagine it and I’m so happy with it! Once again, my heart is full of joy!

Thank you Audrey for giving me such a beautiful time reading your novel!

Also by Audrey Rich : When There’s Smoke There’s Fire

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