Second Kiss – Chelsea M. Cameron

33383955– Novella kindly sent by the author –

Original title : Second Kiss
Author : Chelsea M. Cameron
First published in : 2016
Genre : novella, f/f romance
Edition : PDF
Pages : 48
Status : read from 02/04/17 to 02/05/17
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: Daisy Grace Webber’s life hasn’t exactly turned out how she thought. She didn’t think she’d drop out of college and come back to the small town she grew up in. To be fair, she didn’t think her love of baking would turn into a job at the Violet Hill Cafe either, but it did.
Something else she didn’t expect was for Molly Madison to walk back into her life, eight years after she moved away. They’d been best friends forever, or so she’d thought. But Molly is back in town and she’s looking… really good, actually. And that reminds Daisy of that one time at a sleepover when they’d kissed during a game of Spin the Bottle. That one kiss has been on her mind since then, but it’s irrelevant. Molly isn’t into girls.
But as Daisy and Molly spend more time together, feelings start to grow, and Daisy is wondering just how « straight » Molly really is…

ReviewFirst of all, thank you to Chelsea M. Cameron for sending me an ecopy of her novella. I really enjoyed reading a F/F romance for the first time.

As I said, I really enjoyed discovering a story in which we have two women falling in love. That was the first time I read a romance like this and I honestly like it. The characters are cute but not in a bad way. Indeed, they show their feelings but they are not blind and keep following their real personality. However, what I ‘disliked’ – if it is the right word to use – is that the plot is going very fast. I know this is a novella and we can’t stay on the same point for a long time, but I think it is too premature. Actions and decisions made by the characters wouldn’t be the same in the real life, in my opinion. I think people take more time to live all these things, so, for me, the plot is closer to fiction than daily life.

Nonetheless, this is a good story and it can be perfect for a quick read.

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