LOSE ME. – M.C. Frank

33859529– Novel kindly sent by the author –

Original title : Lose Me.
Author : M.C. Frank
First published in : 2017
Genre : romance
Edition : PDF
Pages : 387
Status : read from 02/05/17 to 03/06/17
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Jane Austen meets New Adult fiction in this compulsively readable romance.
« Today is not the day I die. »
Ari Demos starts every day with this thought. Fresh out of high school, she’s landed a coveted role as a stunt double in a new Pride and Prejudice adaptation starring the Hollywood phenomenon Weston Spencer. But this job isn’t going to be easy: Ari will be performing complicated water stunts and driving fast cars along the narrow cliffs of Corfu. One false step and she could lose not only her job, but her life.
And then Wes Spencer, Mr Darcy himself, arrives in Greece. He’s got dirty blonde hair, a mile-long yacht and a bored look on that gorgeous face. Ari wants nothing to do with the rich actor boy, but on the day she meets him, she has an accident. One that almost claims her life. And now she can’t hide from the truth any longer:
She might be much closer to losing everything than she thought. She might be dying. And the British actor is the last person she’d expect to save her life.
She’s a hard-working island girl. He’s adored by millions.
Falling in love was never supposed to be a part of the job.
Staying alive was never supposed to be a part of growing up.
Was this story ever meant for a happily ever after?

ReviewFirst of all, thank you to M.C. Frank for sending me an ecopy of her novel in exchange of an honest review. It was a pleasure to discover your writing and your world!

This novel has been recommended to me when the author was looking for beta readers. It was introduced as a ‘Pride and Prejudice’ contemporary and if you know me well you already know that I love Jane Austen’s works so I couldn’t leave this opportunity behind. Indeed, I really appreciated this reading. I love how the writing is easy to follow and understand (especially since English is not my mother-tongue) and how the characters are cute and how we can identify ourselves to them. From the very beginning, I wanted to know what would happen to Ari and Wes because I knew there was something special going on. I had imagined lots of things -the worst things, if I am totally honest- and I’m glad with what happened to them in the end. I don’t want to spoil you but this is a lovely end and I wish I could follow them even more to know how their story would be developed in the future. When I finish a book that way, that means that is really well written because I need more and I don’t want it to be finished. This is why I highly recommend this novel to you!

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