Sins of the Fathers – Arnie Cantarero

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– Novel kindly sent by the author –

Original title : Sins of the Fathers
Author : Arnie Cantarero
First published in : not published yet
Genre : sci-fi
Edition : PDF
Pages : 470
Status : read from 08/30/17 to 09/03/17



Synopsis : After having discovered the emotionless Jason Ariaz and his new human friends in Emotions, we find them back into another adventure. In Sins of the Fathers, the sequel of Arnie Cantarero’s first novel, Jason seems to live a happy life with his lover, Ariel, and their friends. Even if he has still things to learn about Earth and human behaviors, he has found his place among terrestrial beings. But in a world where extra-powers can also be used by mean people, life is not quiet and calm for long. Indeed, the little group has to face another one whose leader is called Seth. This extraterrestrial has a plan: destroy the human species, including Jason’s friends. How are Jason and his friends going to try to save humanity and their planet? Will love and friendship be stronger than revenge and animosity? Discover another adventure of your new favorite  extraterrestrial being!

Review : First of all, I would like to thank Arnie for sending each chapter of his book when he was writing them and this final version to have an eye on the edits. It was a pleasure to discover this sequel and find back my new friends. It was also an honor to give my opinion on a unfinished work. Thank you for trusting me!

If you have read my review about Emotions, you already know that I’m not an avid read of sci-fi. However, I’ve always loved Arnie’s novels. There is something in his writing that keeps my attention and I can’t help reading chapters after chapters. I think that what I like the most about Sins of the Fathers is that the characters have evolved since Emotions and they keep evolving during the whole book. Even if some of them have powers that human beings don’t have, we can still relate to them because of their personality. Each character, good or bad, has something to learn to us and can have some similarities with us.
Talking about the plot and the actions now. I think the title of the novel is well chosen as it gives us the main idea of the plot. Indeed, without any spoiler for you, I can say that this is an old decision which has impacted the world in which Jason and his friends have to live and fight. Once again, we can relate to this as our world is as it is now because of the decisions of our fathers. This novel may be a sci-fi one but it has common points with our current life and society, except for supernatural aspects. This is also for that that I gave 4 stars to this novel. I didn’t give 5 stars because I’m not really a fan of fight scenes and there are several of them in this book. I completely understand that we need them for the plot but this is not my thing.
To conclude, I would encourage you to read this sequel if you have already read Emotions because we learn lots of things about the characters. You definitely won’t be disappointed! And I can say that I am already curious to read the third book because the last scene left me with lots of questions!

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